Tony Wilson

7e23fpic-tony_1I would like to welcome everyone to the launch of our new website and blog and hope that it provides us all with the opportunity to inter-react on a regular basis.

All of us will welcome as much input as possible from our clients and all the businesses and people we deal with on a regular (or one off!) basis so that we can continue to improve on the quality of  the services which we provide.

Ashley Wilson Solicitors is now 25 years old and one of our strengths I hope has always been that we emphasise the need to maintain strong personal relationships and hopefully go the extra mile for our clients.

A special thank you goes to the large number of our clients who have loyally supported us for many years.

On a personal note I am also very grateful for the loyalty of our hard working legal team and support staff who continue to put our clients’ interests above their own on a daily basis

We are constantly looking to improve how we do business and keep abreast of new technology whilst retaining our status as a niche firm which hopefully continues to punch above its weight so all suggestions continue to be gratefully received.

My personal aim has always been to provide the right advice at the right price as an overriding objective and it is one which continues to ensure that it remains a privilege and a fascination to be a solicitor in an ever changing and challenging world.

This feature, Guest of the Month is our new feature where each month we will have a visitor from a different professional or area of expertise who will be providing an insight into their specialist knowledge or sharing a development within their area of expertise.

If you are interested in being a future Guest of the Month please contact Mira Gohil or Joanna Botley.

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