Thames Well Wishing Memorial

A chance conversation between a bereaved and grieving mother and a retired Metropolitan Police officer has lead to the launching of a new initiative within the capital. The aim of this unique project is to erect a new memorial in Central London which  will be dedicated to every victim who has lost their life in the River Thames.  thames-postcard2-2b  Five years ago Val Hill was informed that her son, Daniel had been found dead in the Thames at Westminster. The family were traumatised by their loss and faced terrible emotional difficulties trying to face up to life without Daniel. Only after half a decade had passed did she feel able to face up to reading a book about the river that had claimed her son’s life. The book contained a paragraph that claimed that the Thames River Police at Wapping keeps records of people that have lost their lives in the Thames. That information inspired Val to contact Rob Jeffries, the Hon. Curator of the Thames Police Museum at Wapping to find out whether he could throw any fresh light on Daniel’s last moments. Now a small group of enthusiasts have gathered together with the aim of providing that place of focus where people can gather and remember those who have died in the river. And if you are thinking that the number of victims who have lost their lives in the Thames in Central London is fairly small then you might be surprised to learn that an estimated minimum number of 5,000 people have died in the murky waters of the Thames over the last century alone. That’s about one person each week has lost their life due to either suicide, accident or criminal action. Creative Organiser-Artist Clare Newton and Rob Jeffries and will be heading up the project and managing the many public events to fundraise.  Next event is the Heart Centred Business Conference in September.

Heart Centred Business Conference

To get the memorial underway Clare Newton with the Help of Jay Surti are creating two amazing conferences especially for B2B Businesses, entreprenuers and SME’s. Each conference will be value packed with speakers that inspire and provide a unique perspective on going the extra mile in business – something which we believe is key to keeping clients happy. It will also be an opportunity to network and make new connections with like minded people. The overall theme is “heart centred business” – both days cover interesting topics – Business Market Place, Mini Clinics to get specialised advice and a favourit Speed Networking – an effective way to make new business aqauaintences. Day 2 is more focused towards Women in Business, (however all are welcome) Addressing important issues to encourage the greatness within and give confidence when speaking. We want these conferences to be the best value business events in London and the proceeds all go to a worthwhile charitable cause (you can find more details on the event pages themselves)!

Heart Centred Business – 18th September at ExCel Convention Centre, London This one day conference is centred around the theme of heart centred business – focusing on the value of relationships relating to business and leadership. We will have expert speakers talking about what it takes to thrive in business today – winning and keeping clients happy. Topics will include – smarter presentations and marketing, power of storytelling in business, understanding and leveraging social media and developing great teams through effective leadership. Tickets and more information:

Women In Business – 9th October at City Marketing Suite – Moorgate, London This packed one day conference will focus on supporting women to step up and take more opportunities in their careers and business, as well as understanding the value of building and leveraging a solid network. We will have speakers on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, confident and powerful presenting, effective networking and the power of mentoring. Tickets and more information:

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