Update regarding Tribunal Fees

On 17 December 2015 Government announced proposals to make a number of changes to application and hearing fees, which, since 25 July 2016 has been implemented.

The hearing fees will be as follows:

  • On filing an application to commence proceedings in any leasehold case or on filing an appeal or an application to commence proceedings in a residential property case

Amount of fee – £100


  • Hearing fee

On receiving notice of a hearing date

Amount of fee – £200

Previously, there were no court fees associated with making a tribunal application, however now clients will have to pay a fee before applications will be accepted. Although any application which was made to the Tribunal before 25 July 2016 (where no application fee was paid) will not attract a hearing fee if the matter is listed for hearing.

Although these fees are less than what was initially proposed by the government, it will still increase the costs to be paid by the Leaseholder. The introduction of a fee will undoubtedly have an effect on the timing of when Landlords and Leaseholders reach an agreement and the tactics used in negotiations.

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