Our Services

Business & Corporate

Our clients include large companies, owner-managed businesses and individuals. We believe the key to success in any commercial transaction is to take a practical approach, to anticipate the potential problems and to find solutions to those problems in advance. Our extensive experience in business means that we can achieve results for you in a cost effective and efficient way with minimum disruption.

All our communication is, wherever possible, electronic. We attempt to see things as you see them and we listen to you.

Our expertise covers:-

  • Business start-up.
  • Business and company mergers.
  • Company formation and re-structure.
  • Shareholders agreements.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Business property acquisition.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Contractual agreements.
  • Commercial agreements.
  • Directors service contracts.
  • Terms and conditions of business.
  • Acquisition and disposal of business.
  • The acquisition of limited companies including share sale and purchase.
  • Asset purchase agreements.

Business Sale / Purchase

The acquisition of the assets of a business can involve many issues:-

  • The rights of employees and transfer of undertaking regulations.
  • The review of property title and/or leases.
  • The assignment of goodwill.
  • The imposition of restrictive covenants on the seller.
  • The restructuring of banking arrangements.
  • The cancellation or imposition of guarantees and warranties.
  • The investigation of title to assets.
  • The tax implications of the arrangements.

At Ashley Wilson we have acted for buyers and sellers of businesses of all types based on pre-agreed estimates of fees or fixed fee agreements in appropriate cases.

We aim to work at whatever speed is appropriate to coincide with the requirements of the business. 

Commercial Agreements

We offer expertise in a wide range of commercial agreements.

We anticipate that whatever the structure of the arrangements between our respective clients we will be able to provide a document to regulate those arrangements. It is important to achieve this objective quickly whilst the clients remain in harmony. Our ultimate objective is to provide a structure by which parties in the future may readily understand and refer to the terms of the original agreement and avoid unnecessary disputes and stressful litigation.

In all circumstances where clients reach agreement, whether it is a joint venture, a partnership or a new company then we would recommend an appropriate form of agreement is put in place at the earliest possible opportunity to mirror what terms may have been approved orally.

Company Formations

We are continuously asked to set up new companies at reasonable cost for a whole range of clients.

We have a direct link with the companies registry through the internet to enable us to provide up to date information on existing companies, their directors and members and corporate structure whenever required.

We aim to complete a company formation on the same day on which we receive the instruction and can carry out a company name check for you at the companies registry.

We maintain a range of memorandum and articles for specific forms of company e.g. companies limited by guarantee and those relating to the acquisition of freehold buildings on behalf of flat owners (which normally provide that only flat owners are entitled to be members).

Specific memorandum and articles can be created in specific circumstances whether or not in conjunction with an appropriate shareholders agreement, resolutions and minutes.

Company or Share Sale / Purchase

The disposal or acquisition of a limited company by the acquisition or disposal of the entire issued share capital of that company is a very real alternative to the acquisition or disposal of its assets and may have significant tax benefits for shareholders.

We are regularly instructed to act for companies in the acquisition or disposals as a going concern. Checklists of information required are provided to directors and shareholders at the outset and we work closely with clients to ensure that at all times, whether in relation to timescales or otherwise, the clients’ needs are being fully satisfied in what is often a stressful time for the business.


Many professional firms now choose to practice as Limited Liability Partnerships.

We can advise you on:-

  • The merits / demerits of limited liability partnerships.
  • The provision of partnership or members agreements.
  • Partnership dissolution.

If you need advice in relation to any partnership or limited liability partnership related matter please contact Tony Wilson.