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Landlords ability to build on flat roofs

Landlord able to build additional Flats on the roof despite the terms of existing flat leases. Vectis Property Company Ltd v Cambrai Court Management Company Ltd [2022] UTUK 42 (LC).

Residential leaseholders

This article looks at the reforms announced so far around enfranchisement, the restrictions imposed on the sale of houses of a leasehold basis and the fees charged to leaseholders for essential information needed on sale are to be limited.

Right to Manage – is a breach of the statutory framework fatal?

The right to manage is simple in concept but unfortunately complex in its application as there are a lot of procedural hurdles that participating flat owners can fall at and this can lead to litigation as of course their landlord needs to be sure whether management will validly vest.  Consequently there are a huge number of cases taken by landlords challenging the validity of claims which some might find surprising.